Be a part of self-reliance support, “Finnolar” provides SALO® solar panels to Santi Wana Eco Community.


Be a part of self-reliance support, “Finnolar” provides SALO® solar panels to Santi Wana Eco Community.

On November 27, 2021, executives and staff from Finnolar (Thailand) Ltd. donated 8 solar panels under SALO® brand, each with 375 Watts to Santi Wana Eco Community, to be installed for the benefit of public education.

Santi Wana Eco Community is an example of community members' self-reliance for life-critical factors such as housing, medicine, clothing, necessities for living, including energy produced by itself and it uses suitable innovative technology that is friendly to health and environment with other entities, including Ursuline Foundation for Development (the owner of the area) and Thai Center For Development Foundation (responsible for management).

The community's mission is to use innovations and technologies that are safe and friendly to people and environment for creating production and living factors such as compost, manure, earthworm manure, bio-charcoal, solar cells, cycling water pumps, water turbines and electricity generation. Moreover, it aims to create learning base in terms of an ecosystem, agriculture, energy; as well as organize activities to provide knowledge in various forms such as lectures, seminars, workshops, site visit and living simulation in the areas of ecosystems for the interested general public. Solar energy is considered as a clean energy that everyone can access. At the present, solar system technology has advanced a lot. This reinforces the vision of an organization committed to providing society with access to clean and self-reliant energy sources.

In this regard, Finnolar would like to be a part of strengthening society by promoting self-reliance through learning, be a model for environmental conservation through solar systems, and create good things to society for sustainable development.

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