Benefits of using solar power in the industrial sector


Benefits of using solar power in the industrial sector

     It’s obvious that solar energy is rapidly becoming mainstream alternative energy sources in the world. Many business owners might think that is not affordable for small or medium-sized business but that is not true. In recent years, solar panels and batteries have dropped their price and now provides benefits for organizations like yours. Among the advantages are its accessibility to most homeowners and its increasing affordability, we have listed few advantages that industrial companies can get by going for a solar PV installation.

1. Reduced electricity bills

Solar power has become a sustainable and cost-effective energy alternative for business owners with a fixed-cost solution, and a lifespan of 25-30 years. However, electricity expenses are always increasing. Usually, the electricity bill for a factory represents around 15% of the total cost. This makes your energy bills more predictable at lower costs. In addition, maintenance and monitoring of solar systems are cheaper. As a business that uses lots of electricity to power equipment, the best way to control your costs is to find alternative and green energy sources, like solar energy.

2. Self-consumption of electricity

This renewable energy from an unlimited source of resources, which is the sun, can be used very effectively in all types of industrial processes. If you want to decrease depending on the outside electricity companies and the increasing price of energy, you have the option of investing in solar system to provide electricity in your industrial facilities.

3. Improve your company image

Looking for new options to attract customers can definitely be challenging, especially when you have many competitors trying to grasp the market share. However, with the number of people looking to make conscious purchasing choices increasing day by day, switching to renewable energy will give you the ability to market your business as green. The new generations are particularly interested in buying from green and sustainable companies. Going green can be a great way to get a much-needed public relations support and allow clients to choose your business rather than competitors’

4. Increase value of energy-efficiency

Installing solar panels on the roofs of your company can increase your property’s value and help you to sell it faster if you intend to do that in the future. When a building has solar panels, some of the energy needed by the building can be produced by solar panels, which means that the short and long-term operating expenses will be lower than comparable buildings that do not have solar panels.

5. Government support

As often seen, to encourage people to adopt solar energy, in some countries, the government offers tax credits to those who install rooftop solar panels whether it be for residential or commercial purposes. In Thailand, the government has launched measures to promote investment to improve the efficiency of energy conservation, alternative energy utilization or environmental impact mitigation by providing incentives which are exemption of import duty for machinery and 3-year corporate income tax exemption on the revenue of an existing project, accounting for 50 percent of the investment under this measure (excluding cost of land and working capital).

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